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PORTUGAL - CIRCA 1979: A stamp printed in Portugal in Tile Museum Lisbon, a set of tiles depicting the Holy Family, 1630, Casa Pia de Lisboa, circa 1979. - Stock Image

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File Type
in Credits
XS 351 x 341 Standard License
12.4cm x 12.0cm (72 dpi) 4.9" x 4.7" (72 dpi)
1 1 Download
S 717 x 697 Standard License
25.3cm x 24.6cm (72 dpi) 10.0" x 9.7" (72 dpi)
2 1 Download
M 1435 x 1394 Standard License
12.1cm x 11.8cm (300 dpi) 4.8" x 4.6" (300 dpi)
4 1 Download
L 2908 x 2826 Standard License
24.6cm x 23.9cm (300 dpi) 9.7" x 9.4" (300 dpi)
8 1 Download
EL 2908 x 2826 Extended License
24.6cm x 23.9cm (300 dpi) 9.7" x 9.4" (300 dpi)
80 Available by
credits only

Files under the Extended license
can be downloaded using
pay-as-you-go credits only.

Image ID: 11417990

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