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Set of three banners, abstract headers with blue blots  -  Stock Illustration

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Size: Inches | Cm
Price: Credits | Subscription
S 500 × 477, JPG Standard License
6.9" × 6.6" (72 dpi)
M 1000 × 955, JPG Standard License
3.3" × 3.2" (300 dpi)
L 2000 × 1910, JPG Standard License
6.7" × 6.4" (300 dpi)
XL 6357 × 6070, JPG Standard License
21.2" × 20.2" (300 dpi)
Vector, EPS Standard License
Scalable to any size
EL Vector, EPS Extended License
Scalable to any size
Vector ID: 11934613

To download this vector illustration, you have to buy a subscription plan or pay-as-you-go credits. Price on stock photos and vector images starts from as low as $0.15 per image.

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