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Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Stock Editorial Photography

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SizeInches | Cm
File Type
in Credits
XS 283 x 424 Standard License
10.0cm x 15.0cm (72 dpi) 3.9" x 5.9" (72 dpi)
1 1 Download
S 577 x 866 Standard License
20.4cm x 30.6cm (72 dpi) 8.0" x 12.0" (72 dpi)
2 1 Download
M 1155 x 1732 Standard License
9.8cm x 14.7cm (300 dpi) 3.9" x 5.8" (300 dpi)
4 1 Download
L 2048 x 3072 Standard License
17.3cm x 26.0cm (300 dpi) 6.8" x 10.2" (300 dpi)
8 1 Download
EL 2048 x 3072 Extended License
17.3cm x 26.0cm (300 dpi) 6.8" x 10.2" (300 dpi)
80 Available by
credits only

Files under the Extended license
can be downloaded using
pay-as-you-go credits only.

Photography ID: 17563381
Release Information: Editorial Use Only. Use of this image in advertising or for promotional purposes is prohibited.  

Any file downloaded from Depositphotos can be used for "editorial" purposes; the Standard License Agreement permits many uses for downloaded files, including for editorial use. Files downloaded under the Editorial Use Only license can be used only for non-commercial purposes.

For example, a file licensed for Editorial Use Only can be used to illustrate a news article on a blog or website, for purely descriptive purposes, in a non-commercial setting.

An Editorial Use Only file cannot be used in advertising or promotional material, or in any published work that involves the payment or receipt of a fee.

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