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Clashot is a social network and a mobile photobank in your pocket. Clashot allows you to create, publish, discuss and sell pictures taken with your mobile device. Clashot is free on AppStore or Google Play; download it and supplement your income!

Mobile application from Depositphotos

Have you witnessed something exciting and taken a picture of the event? Are you able to produce beautiful portraits or stunning landscapes? Now that your mobile photographs have monetary value, all you have to do is simply upload them to Clashot.

Once published, your masterpieces are available for viewing and commenting while the best pictures are selected to be sold at Clashot and Depositphotos.

Photograph everything you think deserves the attention of our clients. All Clashot photos are available for purchase shortly after they're uploaded; and, it’s not necessary to supply Clashot or Depositphotos with any model or property releases for your mobile photos.

The Clashot application is very simple to use:

Install the free app
Install the free app
Photograph the most beautiful, important or interesting things in life with your phone
Photograph the most beautiful, important or interesting things in life with your phone
Publish your images
Publish your images
Review and discuss your friends’ photos in Clashot
Review and discuss your friends’ photos in Clashot
Get cash!
Get cash!
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