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1. Common questions about Depositphotos:
2. Site Navigation and Technical Questions:
3. Purchasing Images:
4. Free Trial:
5. Selling Images:
6. Information on Payments:
7. Image usage:
8. General problems and their solutions:
1. Common questions about Depositphotos:
How does Depositphotos work?

Depositphotos is a stock photography website and agency that sells images across dozens of categories under a royalty-free license. We work with photographers and illustrators to sell their works through subscription and single-order credit plans. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose, and we accept all popular payment methods.

What is "stock photography"?

Stock photography is photography that is intended to be used for either commercial or editorial purposes such as advertisements, brochures, articles, and product packaging. It is most commonly purchased and used by graphic designers, artists and typographers. Depending on the license type associated with each purchase, the extent of use varies in accordance with the rules of the specific license.

How does licensing work?

All images offered on Depositphotos are available on a Royalty-Free license.
You can read more about licensing rules in the Legal information.

What does "Royalty-Free" mean?

Royalty-free means that an image is available for use in accordance with the Licensing Terms without the need for additional description or coordination of the place, audience, way of use, etc. When buying an image under a royalty-free license, you receive a non-exclusive lifelong right to use it for your purposes within the bounds stated by the Standard or Extended licenses.

Do you have any rights-managed images?

No. All the images presented at the site are offered for distribution on the base of Royalty-Free license.

2. Site Navigation and Technical Questions:
How do I contact you for support?

You can send a message to our e-mail address at or send us a message directly through the site.
Please note that if you are not logged in you should enter your e-mail in order to get an answer.
Also, you can you can call us:
United States: 1-954-990-0075 or 1-800-980-8759 (Toll Free);
Great Britain: 44-870-8200052 or 0-808-101-2263 (Toll Free);
Germany: 49-305-683-70-05-40 or 0-800-189-9300 (Toll Free);
France: 33-975-1818-26 or 0800-918894 (Toll Free);
Spain: 34-91-143-6796 or 900-808611 (Toll Free);
Russia: 7-495-505-6355 or 8-800-100-8508 (Toll Free);
Italy: 39-024-032-6326 or 800-788-029 (Toll Free);
Poland: 48-12-395-31-87 or 0-0-800-141-0025 (Toll Free);
Portugal: 35-13-088-01-869;
Turkey: 90-212-8882415;
Mexico: 52-554-7707750;
Brasil: 55-613-717-2270;
Ukraine: 38-096-400-68-24 or 0-800-501046 (Toll Free).

What browsers are compatible with the site?

Currently, Depositphotos is compatible with many popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google’s Chrome, Safari and more.
If you experience problems accessing Depositphotos through any compatible browser, please let us know by contacting us through the form available on the Contact page.

What are the limits for image downloading?

Your downloading capabilities are dependent upon how you decide to purchase the images. Our subscription plans allow you to download up to 40 images per day, dependent upon plan level.
When you pay with credits, you may download as many images as your credit balance will allow.
With credits, you may replenish your account at any time in order to download additional images.

Can I share my login/password with my friends/colleagues?

No. Per the Terms of Use, your account may only be used by you. Violation of this policy will result in account suspension.

Can I register several accounts at the site?

You are permitted to have up to two accounts - a seller’s or Author’s account, and a Purchaser’s or customer account.

Should my browser accept cookies?

Yes. To ensure proper functionality of the website, please check your browser preferences to make sure it is set to accept cookies from third party sites.

How do I look for a specific image?

Depositphotos has an incredibly powerful and intuitive search engine. Simply enter a few keywords that describe the image you’re looking for. If you have any restrictions on the type of image you’re searching for, you can also use our Advanced Search Engine. You can also search within our dozens of predefined categories to filter your search results.

What language should be used when entering keywords to search for images?

You can enter keywords in any language available on the website, but English keywords will produce the most effective results.

How do I filter the type of images returned in a search?

Using the advanced search function, you can set search filtering based upon the image size, color and other parameters.

Am I limited to the amount of time I have to download an image after I purchase it?

Once you purchase an image, it remains available for downloading for one year after payment is submitted. During this time you can download it as many times as necessary without any additional payment, from the Buyer Menu - Purchased Files folder.

Where can I see the number of credits remained at my account?

To view the number of credits in your account, visit your Account Profile.

When I download an Image, where does it get saved on my computer?

If you use Internet Explorer or Opera browser, you indicate the location where to want to save the file. If you use Mozilla’s Firefox, downloaded images are saved by default on your computer’s desktop. However, Firefox gives you the option to change this with each download.

3. Purchasing Images:
Is it possible to purchase single images?

Yes, unlike other stock photo sites, you can purchase single images on Depositphotos. To purchase a single image, you should choose to pay using credits.

What are the sizes of the photographs at the site? Does the price depend on the image size?

When purchasing photos using credits, you have a choice of image sizes (from S to XL) depending upon the size of the original photograph. The price of the image is dependent upon the size of the photo you are purchasing; smaller photos are less expensive.
You can read more about prices in our Image Pricing section.

How do subscription plans work?

Subscription plans allow you to download several photos each day, up to your plan limit. Every image you download using any of our subscription plans is provided in all JPEG sizes and Vector images.

What are the types of subscription plans you offer?

You may purchase subscription plans of many different levels, from 3 days to 12 months, depending on your needs. More about subscriptions can be read here.

Can I get additional information on the image or get in touch with the photographer?

All available information is presented in the image description. Depositphotos does not communicate with photographers on behalf of its customers and cannot search for additional information about a photograph. In addition, we are unable to provide you with a missing image from the range of similar ones if it is not presented at the site.

How do I purchase an image?

In order to purchase an image you need to be a registered user of the site. Then at your discretion you can buy a subscription or pay for images by credits.

What type of a license should I choose?

Choosing the appropriate license depends upon how you plan to use the image. If your purposes fall within the terms of the Standard License, no action is required as the Standard License is the default license type.
If you require special usage of the image, refer to the Extended License and see if that fits your needs. If it doesn’t, we encourage you to contact us to see what we can work out.
You can read more about license types in the Legal information section.

Is it possible to return an image that’s already been purchased?

Only if the image file is damaged in some way or if the image description or content is somehow misrepresented. We recommend you carefully acquaint yourself with all technical and descriptive data accompanying each image before finalizing any purchases.
In the event the image you’ve purchased is low-quality image, please contact our support service.

Can I download the same image several times?

Yes, for one year after the payment for the image is made, you can download it repeatedly without any additional fee, from the Buyer Menu - Purchased Files folder.

I have bought a subscription. How can I purchase the Extended License for an image?

In order to purchase an image with an Extended License you need to buy credits in addition to the subscription; using your credits, you will be able to purchase images with the Extended License option turned on.

I have purchased a subscription plan. If I have not downloaded my maximum number of images in a day, does the available balance roll over to the next day’s allowance?

No. The image limit does not accumulate across multiple days. The first subscription day ends 24 hours after its activation, the second ends 24 hours after that, and so on.

How do you determine when each day of my subscription ends?

No matter where you are physically located, the day you activate your subscription is your first day, and each subscription day resets every 24 hours. For example, if you activate your subscription at 5 pm on a Sunday, Sunday is your first day, and your first day ends at 5 pm on Monday. You can see the precise time your subscription was activated in your Buyer's Menu -> Subscription
-> Subscription Plan History.

Can I purchase multiple subscription plans at a time?

You can upgrade your current subscription plan by simply purchasing one (or more) others in addition. The daily limits of your different subscription plans will simply be combined. Each plan will have its own renewal time.

I have purchased Credits. Do they have an expiration date?

Credits are good for one year. If they are unused within that time, they will expire.

4. Free Trial:
What is a Free Trial, and how does it work?

A Free Trial is a special kind of subscription created so users could experience first-hand our high-quality images and the ease of working with our website. The Free Trial subscription can be activated at any time, but only once per Depositphotos account or payment/billing account.

How many images may I download during a Free Trial?

Once a Free Trial is activated, you may download up to 5 images per day for 7 days, starting from the moment of activation.

How do you determine when each day of my Free Trial ends?

No matter where you are physically located, the day you activate your Free Trial is your first day, and each subscription day resets every 24 hours. For example, if you activate your Free Trial at 5 pm on Sunday, Sunday is your first day, and your first day ends at 5 pm on Monday. You can see the precise time your Free Trial was activated in your Buyer's Menu -> Subscription -> Subscription Plan History.

Can I use images downloaded by the Free Trial after its termination?

Yes, you can continue to use any images downloaded during a Free Trial subscription after the Free Trial is over, whether you have upgraded to a standard subscription or not. You can use downloaded images free of charge in your own projects (creation of sites or blogs, in magazines, newspapers, books, advertisements of different kinds), as well as for many other uses, in accordance with the terms of our site’s Standard License, exactly the same way you could use images purchased using credits or as part of a paid subscription.

Do I need a SegPay account to activate my Free Trial?

In order to activate a Free Trial subscription, you will need to create a SegPay account. When your Free Trial expires, it will be automatically converted into one of our standard subscriptions and your payment account will be used to pay the subscription fees. You will be billed as little as $69 per month to download 5 vector images or JPEG images of any size per day.

Where and how can I activate a Free Trial?

Some places where you can activate your Free Trial subscription:

During activation of your Free Trial you will be asked to read and accept the Free Trial Agreement. Please, to avoid any confusion, carefully read the terms of this Agreement.

Is a Free Trial subscription automatically renewed?

All of our subscription plans are automatically renewed at the end of their renewal period. When you activate a Free Trial, we create a standard paid subscription set to begin when the Free Trial period ends. At the end of the Free Trial period, it automatically converts into a standard subscription plan, allowing you uninterrupted use of the site.

Can I prevent my Free Trial from converting into a standard subscription?

Yes, if you cancel your Free Trial at least 24 hours before the end of the Free Trial period, it will not be automatically converted to a standard subscription. Using the example above, if you activate your Free Trial anytime on a Sunday, U.S. Eastern Time, the Free Trial ends at midnight (ET) the following Saturday night. To cancel 24 hours before the end of the Free Trial, you must cancel before midnight (ET) on Friday night.

Where and how can I cancel my Free Trial?

You can cancel an automatic renewal directly from

At the moment you “Cancel” the automatic renewal, you will lose the ability to download images under your Free Trial.

It is important to note that SegPay and other payment systems typically start rebilling for recurring payments on the last day of the renewal period. In order to keep from being charged for the upcoming period, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the renewal period expires.

Can I have my money back if the subscription has been automatically renewed?

According to the terms and rules of the Return & Cancellation Policy document, we do not refund money for purchased credits or automatically renewed subscription plans.

Since we are concerned about all our customers and the quality of our services, we are prepared, in lieu of a refund, to change an automatically converted Free Trial subscription into credits. For example, if the Free Trial was automatically converted into a $69/month standard subscription, we can change the standard subscription to an equivalent 69 credits that you can use at your own convenience, over a longer period of time.

5. Selling Images:
What types of images are authors allowed to submit?

We accept the following types of images: Photographs (JPEG), Vectors, Illustrations.

How can I become an author on Depositphotos?

Please visit the section Become a Contributor and follow the instructions.

What are the requirements for uploaded images?

Requirements for photography:

Any image you upload to Depositphotos needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The file format should be JPEG;
  • The file resolution should be a minimum of 3.4 MP (2400 ? 1600)
  • The file size must not exceed 50 MB;
  • The file should be attributed in English;
  • Files should not be modified from their original size;
  • You must be the author of the image being sold;
  • If the image contains a person or people, everyone in the photo must sign a Model’s Release;
  • The image should not contain emblems, logos, recognizable trademarks or other copyrighted properties;
  • You should not upload images of buildings, constructions or places protected by intellectual property rights;
  • You should not artificially enlarge, distort or stretch the file in order to increase its size or resolution.

Requirements for illustrations:

You must include a JPEG file preview of not less than 3.4 MP (2400 ? 1600) ZIP-archived with the original EPS/AI file.

Illustration quality requirements are stated in the section Photographer's guidance.

What kinds of images are not accepted?

We do not Accept:

  • Images with violence scenes;
  • Images of obscene, pornographic, or abusive nature;
  • Photographs of photographs;
  • Photographs containing logos, trademarks, trade names;
  • Photographs of objects protected by patents, copyright or intellectual property rights;
  • Subjects of contemporary arts;
  • Photographs/pictures with design elements protected by copyright;
  • Photographs or illustrations on the base of archive pictures, illustrations, magazines, reproductions, etc;
  • Photographs of documents where personal data are shown, images with screensavers, computer monitors, current maps, etc.;
  • Photographs with elements of military awards, military property, symbols and attributes of state power, governmental property;
  • Studio shooting of people if you have no Model's Release;
  • Photographs from public events, sport events, concerts, where photographing was directly prohibited;
  • Images that do not answer our quality requirements (see Photographer's Tutorial).

What is the limit for the quantity of images that I can upload per day?

There are no restrictions or limitations on the number of images you can upload per day. In fact, you’re encouraged to upload as many as possible as soon as possible in order to start earning the highest sales rewards.

May I upload images using FTP?

Yes, we support image uploading with the help of FTP.

FTP Uploading Information:

FTP address:
Username: Your Login
Password: Same as Your Account

When do I need to provide a Model’s Release?

If an image is not a candid shot and people’s faces can be clearly identified, you must have a Model’s Release from all the people presented in the shot.
If the photograph is your self-portrait, you nevertheless should supply it with the Model’s Release signed by yourself.
In the case of a deceased person is shown in the photograph, you must obtain the Model’s Release signed by his or her authorized legal representative.

How do I Submit a Model’s Release?

You have the option of attaching the Model's Release when declaring the image attributes prior to uploading.

How long does it take for my images to be evaluated before they are made available for sale?

We have a finite number of Inspectors evaluating images uploaded by everyone around the globe.
The time it takes for your images to pass the evaluation process is entirely dependant on the quantity of images uploaded at or near the same time.
We make every effort to release everyone’s images for sale as quickly as possible without sacrificing our reputation for quality.

If I am approved as an image contributor, will my images be uploaded automatically?

No, your images are first subject to review by our image Inspectors.

What are the reasons my images might be declined by your Inspectors?

  • An image does not meet the quality criteria (see Photographers' Tutorial);
  • An image contains unacceptable elements, forbidden objects;
  • An image fully or in part coincides with the one already stored in the archive;
  • An image has low artistic value / unredeemable content.

Can I change my mind and delete the images I uploaded?

Yes, you can manage images for sale in your account at your own discretion.

What determines the amount of commission I’ll receive for each sale?

The commission amount depends on the license type under which the image has been uploaded and the resolution in which it has been purchased. It is also influenced by your author level and status on the website.
For the detailed information please refer to the section Contribute program.

Can I set the price on my images?

No, the price for images is standard and is set by Depositphotos exclusively.

Can I specify how my images can be used?

Yes, you can allow or restrict the use of your image(s) by assigning the appropriate license.

How can I collect payment for the sale of my images?

You may withdraw payments for the sale of your images once the balance in your account reaches $50 or more.
More details about collecting your commissions is available in the section Contribute program.

Should I request payment right after the minimum amount is reached?

No, you are not required to request payment at a specified time. Your funds will stay in your account until you wish to collect them.

How can I request payment from the site?

Requesting commission payment can be done through the seller's "Sales" menu.

I have requested payment, but I haven’t received my money yet. What’s happened?

Transfer of your funds to an external account may take up to 3-5 days due to different banking systems. If after 5 business days you have not received your funds, Contact our support service.

Can I sell photographs on Depositphotos if I’m already selling them through other stock photo websites?

You may sell photographs on Depositphotos that are available elsewhere only if you are not an Exclusive Author. Exclusive Authors may only sell their content on Depositphotos.
More about the status of an Exclusive seller see in the section Contribute program.

Are there any restrictions on the quantity or frequency of images that I may upload (once a week, a month, etc.)?

No, there are no restrictions imposed on our authors concerning the quantity or frequency of uploading images.

6. Information on Payments:
What payment methods do you accept?

Depositphotos accepts payments from the following payment systems:

  • PayPal;
  • Moneybookers;
  • WebMoney.

Your system will not accept my credit card. Is anything wrong with my card?

If you are having trouble processing your payment, please contact our Support Service.

What currency do you accept for payments?

At present, all payment should be made in US Dollars.

How do you protect my credit card data?

All information we collect on our users is strictly confidential. We guarantee total non-disclosure of this information. Furthermore, we employ the strictest data encryption and security measures to protect your personal and account information.

Is there a fee for the site usage, account creation and maintenance?

No, there are no fees associated with opening, using or maintaining an account on Depositphotos.

7. Image usage:
Where and how can I use photographs purchased on Depositphotos?

Once you download an image from Depositphotos, you may use the image in accordance with the terms of the Standard License. In the event you obtained the photograph with the Extended License option, your usage options are greater.

Is it allowed to use purchased images for work with a client or customer?

Yes, you can use images that you have purchased for work with third parties, but you should notify your customer that copyright on the image remains with its creator and does not pass to your customer.

If I alter an image I’ve downloaded, could I claim a copyright on it?

No. You can claim your copyright on a work only in the case if it falls under the description of a Derivative work (see the terms of the Standard License).

Do I have the right to use purchased photographs and vector images upon the expiration of my subscription?

Yes, you can use all the images purchased by subscription even after the subscription expires, provided that the image was used for the first time no later than 6 months after its purchase.

During what timeframe should I use a purchased image?

The first use of the image should take place within the first 6 months after its purchase. After that, you get an unlimited life-time license on its use.

I see watermarks on the sample images from your site. When I download an image, will the watermarks be in the file?

No, images that you purchase have no watermarks.

Can I sell images I’ve downloaded from Depositphotos?

No, according to the License Agreement you are not allowed to resell any images that you’ve purchased.

Can I sell templates that I created using your images?

Yes, you have such an option if the image has been purchased under the Extended License. See more details in the Extended License.

Is the Model’s Release attached to the photographs at the site?

Yes, all the images with recognizable persons (if they are not so-called ‘candid shots’) are accompanied by the Model’s Release.

Can I receive advice on how to use purchased images?

If you need assistance or additional information about the use of purchased images, please contact our Support Service.
Our representatives will provide you with comprehensive information on all your questions concerning usage of the purchased images.

8. General problems and their solutions:
Is it possible to download images before I’ve completed payment?

No. Images can be purchased only after funds are deposited into your account.

Your site won’t accept my password/login information and I know I’m entering it correctly. What is going on?

Please check whether Caps Lock is turned on. Check your keyboard layout language. If you continue to have problems logging on, please try to change your password. If this does not work, please contact our Support Service.

What should I do if I have forgotten my login and password?

Use the password reminder form. If you have additional issues, please contact our Support Service.

Where and how can I change my password? Can I change my login?

You can change your password in your profile's settings. You cannot change your login.

Where and how can I edit my personal data?

Your personal data can be edited in the User Profile menu.

How many people can simultaneously use my account?

According to the Terms of Use, it is expected that a standard account will be used by a single person, and you have no right to pass your registration data on to third parties.

What should I do if an image that I have purchased is not suitable for work (imperfections, blur, focus is absent and so on)?

Please contact our Support Service. They’ll be able to discuss with you the possibilities of returning an image and being reimbursed for the purchase.

I can not download a purchased image. What do I do?

You can try downloading the purchased image from the Buyer Menu - Purchased Files folder. You have as long as one year to complete the transaction.Or you can contact our Support Service.

I can not see/find my images uploaded to the site. Why?

Please be patient. Image processing by a server takes some time, as well as the image verification process. If upon significant time (more than a week) you are still can not find your images or have not received a refusal notification, please contact our Support Service.

Why do I have to login to enter the site from time to time?

If you’ve deleted cookies from your computer or if the cookie for our site has expired, you will be required to log into the site again. To avoid this, enter your browser’s preferences and set an exception to the cookies.

How can I cancel my Depositphotos account?

Please contact our Support Service if you wish to cancel your account.

What should I do if I have a claim of legal nature to an Image placed at your site?

Please contact us: or contact our Support Service.

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