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2. Image quality requirements

2.4. Software post-editing of Images:

For most designers using photographic Images, it is preferred that the photographer provide Images without any retouching. If retouching is done unprofessionally, it could result in a loss of quality that will be visible when printed.

However, in order to successfully sell Images, one has to do at least basic corrections (cropping, change of saturation, change of contrast with curves and others).

Be careful not to lose quality of your Image while applying corrections.

It is a professional policy to always back-up the original Image before doing any changes, so in case mistakes are made you can always go back to the original.

DepositPhoto’s inspectors assess Images upon their quality, composition and fitness for use in polygraphy.

Do not apply effect filters of software graphic packages (such as oil painting or water-color effect).

You are expected to supply a high quality photograph, whereas a highly skilled Designer will do post-editing, depending on tasks.

Do Submit:

Original Image

The Image is ok, we are glad to accept it!

Do NOT submit

Image with filter applied

Image will be rejected

Do NOT submit

Image with filter applied

Image will be rejected

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