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7. Photographing objects under copyright

Depositphotos strictly follows International Copyright Legislation.
We make every effort to suppress its violation by photographers.

Uploading somebody else’s photos on our stock forces us to take appropriate measures, such as a lifetime ban on web usage or taking appropriate legal action against perpetrators.

Do NOT Upload:

  • Somebody else’s photos;
  • Images, found on the Internet or scanned from books or magazines;
  • Cliparts;
  • Archive photos of other stocks;
  • Photos of somebody else’s photos;
  • Illustrations, done based on somebody else’s photos without written permission of the author;
  • Desktop background Images.

Attention: If doubtful for any reason, our Editors will reject the Image!

Moreover, we do not accept Images containing:

  • Trademarks and logos, company and product names, as well as objects which have patented design or are under trademark:

    Particular computer and hardware types, photo and video equipment, brand name watches, perfume and cosmetics, toys;

  • Artwork:

    Paintings and drawings, sculptures exposed in galleries or in public places, some architectures, outdoor advertisements (billboards, signboards), photos of somebody else’s photos;

  • Documents:

    Modern maps, ID’s, computer screens (interface and icons are under copyright);

  • Illustrations:

    “Traced” (based on vector graphics) illustrations based on somebody else’s photos or original work;

  • Government and military property:

    Agency signs, military decorations, stamps, US banknotes;

  • Trademarked architecture and sights:

    You have to make sure that buildings in Images that you are going to upload are not copyrighted. Laws can act differently in every specific case.

    Ex.:The Transamerica Tower in San Francisco is copyrighted: Rights to any pictures including it are subject to copyright fees!

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