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8. Model’s Release

It is necessary to upload a Model’s Release each time when you upload the photograph with a visible face of a person. Sometimes a release is required even if a person’s face is not recognizable or hardly visible

  • In case of taking pictures of a minor (a child under the age of 18), Model Release should also be signed by one of the parents or by a tutor;
  • If photographer is depicted on his/her photo (self-portrait), he/she is to sign Model Release;
  • If uploading a series of photos of the same model, Model Release is to be uploaded with each Image;
  • Do not forget to take a witness with you, who has to sign a Model Release as well.
    You can not be a photographer and a witness at once;
  • We do not accept digitally created or scanned signatures, for ANY Model Release!
Model Release (PDF)

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