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  • Contribute Program

    Let's Work Together!

    It's very easy to start working with our website:

    • Register a Contributor’s account: absolutely for free and with no obligations;
    • Pass a brief examination test that will require uploading a few of your best files;
    • After you have successfully passed your examination test, you'll be able to upload your files to the site for sale.

    All of the files you upload will be checked by our inspectors, and once they pass inspection, they'll appear on the website. Starting from that moment, they are available to Buyers, and can start turning a profit!

    Terms and Conditions:

    By accepting the terms and conditions of the Supply Agreement that you sign while creating a Contributor's account, and uploading your files to our website, you warrant the following:

    • You are the author of all the files you upload;
    • You are 18 or older;
    • You possess all the required documents and rights allowing you to display and use your files as well as their related elements (model releases, property releases, etc.).
    File Requirements:

    Photo Requirements:

    • Photos must be in JPEG/JPG format with an RGB color space;
    • Minimum resolution is 3.8 MP (2400 x 1600 pixels);
    • Photos may not be larger than 50 megabytes.

    Vector Image Requirements:

    • Supported vector image formats: AI and EPS;
    • Vector images must be in a ZIP archive with a JPEG/JPG preview. Minimum resolution of JPEG/JPG preview is 3.8 MP (2400 x 1600 pixels);
    • Each ZIP archive may not be larger than 50 megabytes.

    Video Requirements:

    • We accept the following video formats: ASF, AVI, DV, FLV, MOV, MPEG/MPG, WMV;
    • We accept the following video codecs: Photo JPEG, Motion JPEG-A/B; DV, HDV, DVCPro; H.264/AVC, DivX, Xvid, SVQ1, MP42, MP43, MPG4, MP4V, M4S2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2; WMV2, WMV3; FLV;
    • The frames-per-second (FPS) should correspond to the video format (NTSC standard of 29.97 FPS or the PAL standard of 25 FPS). We accept 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 FPS;
    • Minimum resolution is 0.07 MP (320 x 240 pixels). Maximum resolution is 2.0 MP (1920 x 1080 pixels);
    • Minimum video length is 3 seconds. Maximum video length is 60 seconds;
    • The compression level should correspond to the best possible image quality;
    • Sound can be accepted if it is part of the scene (ambient sounds, voices). Video must NOT contain any audio track not owned by the video contributor;
    • Maximum file size for video is 1000 MB.
    Contributor's Level:

    A Contributor's Level is determined by the number of a Contributor's files sold on our website. The more sales you have, the higher your Contributor's Level. Hence, the higher your Contributor's Level, the bigger your royalties.

    Level 1 GreenUp to 499 downloads
    Level 2 Bronze500 - 4,999 downloads
    Level 3 Silver5,000 - 24,999 downloads
    Level 4 Gold25,000 - 149,999 downloads
    Level 5 Platinum150,000+ downloads

    Note: Each file downloaded using credits counts as 1 download toward your Level. A file purchased via subscription plan or SMS counts as one-third download toward your Level; i.e., 3 files downloaded via subscription plan or SMS count as 1 download toward your Level.

    Royalties for Files Purchased via Pay-As-You-Go Credits:

    Our Buyers can use credits to download photos, vector images, and videos uploaded by Contributors. If a file was purchased under a Standard License or Extended License , your royalty rate will depend solely upon your Contributor's Level, as follows:

    Contributor's Level and
    Royalties for Each File Sold
     Green Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    You can take a closer look at your royalties:

    • Photos & Vector Images
    • Videos
    Your Royalties, $
    Your Royalties, $
    Small WebBig WebHD 720HD 1080
    • Photos & Vector Images
    • Videos
    Your Royalties, $
     ELExtended License ELExtended License
    Your Royalties, $
     ELExtended License

    Note: Royalty calculations are based not on a "standard" value of a file, but on the actual amount paid by a Buyer. If a Buyer gets a discount on the purchase, the royalties received by the Contributor for the file will be based on the amount paid by the Buyer, incorporating the discount, and not the “standard” value of the file.

    Royalties for Files Purchased via Subscription:

    With subscription plans, Buyers can download photos and vector images. If an image was purchased with any of our subscription plans, your royalty rate is fixed and depends upon your Contributor's Level:

    Contributor's Level and Royalties for
    Each Image Sold via Subscription Plan, $
     Green Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    Note: Videos cannot be purchased via subscription.

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