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    You don’t have any files in this folder.

    Use Favorites to Save Files You Like

    To add a file to your Favorites, use the Add to Favorites
    button or drag-and-drop.

    For All Your Projects

    You can create numerous folders based on your projects or topics,
    add files inside, and then easily sort and buy them.


    You can simply drag-and-drop files directly from your
    search results into your Favorites.

    Change Positions

    Within your Favorites, you can easily change the order of files.
    Drag a file from one location and drop it into a different location.

    Built-In Notes

    Notes is the built-in way to save descriptions, notes and draft memos for
    each folder within your Favorites.

    Ultimate Solution

    Discover our new Favorites panel to see how easy it is to use.

    Click to add
    notes to this folder.